Code 4 Counseling


  • Stress Continuum Model

    In this video, Dr. Sara Metz introduces the stress continuum model, first introduced in the military, helps folks in high stress occupations to understand their natural reactions under stress.  Promoting psychological health starts with recognizing the similarities between physical and […]

  • Stress Management During COVID-19

    When you feel overwhelmed, move the finish line:
    •If you are trying to juggle too many mental operations, it’s impossible to execute a good action plan
    •Reduce the set of operations and you’ll relieve the load placed on your frontal cortex (the […]

  • Myth/Fact

    Myth: Other people handle the trauma of this job better than I do. I am weak for struggling and need to learn to just suck it up.

    Fact. The people who are “handling this job” well are the ones that allow […]