It’s not uncommon...

for police and fire personnel who’ve sought counseling in the past to express frustration with their general Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider. Major complaints include that the service provider takes too long for scheduling, didn’t understand the culture, or seems traumatized by the information shared by the officer.

You shouldn’t have to wait for days to speak with someone or feel as though you need to take care of your therapist during a session. Our clinicians get it. We understand the types of calls that lead to sleepless nights and increased vigilance. We know you may not want to go home and tell your families about the horrific things you experience on the job but also knows how valuable talking about those experiences with someone can be.

Living with trauma

The human brain wants to compartmentalize trauma. Talking about experiences helps the brain organize what happened and figure out where to put the experience in your memory centers. Trying to shove it down and not think about it may work in the short term but at some point, those experiences can come back to haunt you if you haven’t processed them in a healthy way. Being a few steps removed emotionally allows our clinicians to assist you in processing that trauma.

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Support for first responders and their loved ones

Code-4 Counseling also serves as a support system for family members of police, fire and EMS personnel. Whether you need assistance working through your own life struggles or want help understanding how to live with a cop or firefighter, our clinicians share healthy ways to manage these challenges and more.

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