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... in strengthening mental wellness using a variety of approaches

For more than a decade, Dr. Sara Metz has provided psychological support services to emergency responder and healthcare agencies across the state. Code-4 Counseling specializes in individual and couples counseling, mental wellness checkups, critical incident response, in-service trainings on stress and wellness, peer support team supervision, and wellness program development. No waiting lists and no need to fear going to a counselor for the first time. All clients work directly with clinicians who specialize in working with emergency responders to ensure high quality, personalized assistance.

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Individual and couples counseling for police, fire, EMS personnel, and their families

Being an emergency responder takes a huge mental toll, but it doesn’t have to cost you or your family everything. Code-4 Counseling clinicians help you and your loved ones work through general life stressors (relationship and communication issues, blended family related struggles, reliance on negative coping skills, sleep disturbances, anger management, etc.) or specific job-related issues (critical incident recovery, job burnout, retirement planning, etc,). Our practice is committed to making therapy a positive experience. You’ll leave the Code-4 Counseling office feeling hopeful, with positive coping strategies and renewed energy for your work.

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Training & Consulting

Training and consulting for agencies

Wellness training and consulting work is a favorite area of focus for Dr. Sara Metz. Code-4 Counseling routinely provides stress management, critical incident recovery, and resiliency trainings, supervises peer support teams for police, fire, and healthcare agencies, and works with agencies to develop peer support teams and wellness programs so they can champion their people. Sara routinely shares stories and lessons learned from her work in order to help build a truly successful mental wellness program that meets the unique needs of your organization.

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Agency Wellness Program Assessment

A robust wellness program serves to improve the health and productivity of employees.  It can also help to lower health care costs, reduce absenteeism, reduce workers’ compensation and disability-related costs, reduce injuries, and improve overall morale and loyalty within the agency.

Code-4 Counseling will evaluate your current wellness programming in the following categories:

  • Current wellness programs, services, and policies that are available.
  • Employee needs and preferences regarding wellness options.
  • Leadership involvement in wellness program

The agency will be provided feedback on current programming as well as recommendations for improved offerings to ensure available resources are being put to best use.

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